Films that keep getting removed from TMDB and/or Letterboxd

Just a PSA: You are better off logging and writing about your films on personal documents. paper, your own website, whatever. All of your data can be deleted just because a mod wants a rush. I want to mention that if you re-add titles, you do so at your own risk...

Current Films Listed (In case they get deleted and I forget what they are):

Patterson-Gimlin Film
The Green Goblin's Last Stand
Eva Braun Reels
Dark Side of the Rainbow / Oz
Out of Shadows
Killer Bean shorts
Idubbbz's Full Force
TMDB entries for the films of Bill Brand
We Fuck Alone + representing many short films of Gaspar Noe
The entire filmography of Georges Rey on…

Read notes
  • Patterson-Gimlin Film
  • The Dark Side of Oz
  • Aphex Twin: Windowlicker
  • Out of Shadows
  • The Return of Killer Bean
  • Killer Bean: The Interrogation
  • Killer Bean: The Party
  • Full Force
  • Acts of Light
  • Mongoloid
  • We Fuck Alone
  • Immemory
  • La vache qui rumine
  • Tumbling Doll of Flesh
  • Fantômas: Juve Against Fantômas
  • Fantômas: The Dead Man Who Killed
  • Fantômas: Fantômas Against Fantômas
  • Fantômas: The False Magistrate
  • The 3 Rs
  • Salvador Dali, Happenings
  • Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace
  • Ivan the Terrible
  • Not so fast
  • Never Hike Alone
  • Never Hike Alone in the Snow
  • Plandemic: Indoctornation
  • Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure
  • Fire & Rain