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  • Eraserhead
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  • Inferno



    I thought Suspiria had bad acting and incoherent storyline, turns out it’s just the way classic italien films are, honestly i like this a lot better than its predecessor, the use of lighting and colours is again just as mesmerising, but i I feel like the plot in here is a lot more developed and interesting than in Suspiria, and the killing scenes are more original. i am of course allowing myself to compare the two of them due to…

  • Coherence



    one word; BRILLIANT 
    Like what the actual fuck, this is soo so original, there  isn’t a single coherent thing about this film, absolute chaos and mind bending atmosphere, THE ANXIETY IT GAVE ME!!! Gosh, pretty amazing what the director could do on such a low budget, the acting is so good, the camera use made it actually sound like a regular, very realistic dinner party with regular people descending into absolute madness throughout the night, been a while since i felt so invested and thrilled by something like this, WOW I LOVE CINEMA SO MUCH

Popular reviews

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    I’ve watched fallen angels few days ago and i can’t seem to get it out of my head so here is a review.
     this is beyond beautiful it transcends the limits of cinematography to something so unrealistically visually poetic and powerful, i don’t think the characters or the dialogue were the main substance of this film, it tells its story via its unrealistic nature, the explosion of colours through the screen, the chaos of big cities at nights, the amazing…

  • American Beauty

    American Beauty


    This is by all means without any exaggeration a life changing movie and that is for the following reasons; 

    1- Kevin Spacey’s terrific acting!!! a very well deserved Oscar i might dare to mention.
    2- i ain’t never seen such a perfect exploration of two main philosophical themes; self identify and beauty in a very synchronized aesthetic way 
    3- The plot & the camera work: 
    Throughout the movie we follow Lester, a very dull man, has an identity crisis and unhappily…