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  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure
  • Scorpio Rising
  • Dark of the Sun
  • Cat People

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  • Life Is Sweet


  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife


  • Licorice Pizza


  • DMX: Don't Try to Understand


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  • Life Is Sweet

    Life Is Sweet


    Mike Leigh predicts the emotional & career trajectories of zoomers by simply giving a single fuck about how line cooks, waitresses, plumbers, and quid-scraping losers are more than the service they provide in public settings. It sounds so simple until you catch yourself talking about the nameless civilians you identify daily solely by their employment: a lot of movies can unlock this, but Leigh's lush writing keeps you from thinkin bout anything else. you watch four people's lives invariably change in…

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    teenage leninsts turned marxists turned trad husbands have long popped "religion is the opium of the masses" to tell their parents that they've converted to vocal Atheism, but nowadays it's the marketing strategy in a country where the third leading cause of death is the lil ol' opioid epidemic and Egon Spengler is St. Francis. zero response to this but a blank stare and a fleeting distraction from the gears of capital... I'm surprised it's received such PASSIONATE ire from…

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  • Cuties


    Honestly, feels illegal! Don't like one bit that a production team of adults sought to create a space where children (11-year-olds) were directed to twerk! The display of dance is one thing, the invasive, sexualized gaze of DoucourΓ©'s camera is aaaaaanother. And for a conclusion that ultimately says "don't be slutty, you dirty whore; here are some socially acceptable ways to show a little skin and not shame your family, as a treat" ?


    initially, the film presented…

  • Bad Education

    Bad Education


    May be the most Hitchcockian Almodovar, emphasis on the cock.