Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★½

It’s perhaps a bit too long to spend with some people we barely know

My entrance into the Shudderverse.

This movie made me do something I almost never do: read reviews about it before I log it here. I just really wanted to see how people smarter than me interpreted the final act.

This movie is really special to me. You spend the first hour, a sizeable portion of a slim 97-minute horror flick, looking for clues. It's the GET OUT in us that this movie plays with. All we know, from the opening moments with its driving-in-the-dark POV and eerie score is that something will surely go wrong here. The what and why are the reason we're watching. With that knowledge, we must watch everything closely. It all feels like the beginning of the end. And the social problems we find at every turn are notable but when they're aired aloud, they seem rather benign and minor.

But the answer is still that everything will go wrong while the why remains murky. It's not laziness that explains the murkiness. It doesn't feel the need to have some grand motive for its horror. If anything, it's a sort-of nebulous middle-class passiveness that's to blame for what happens here.

It's almost refreshing even if it makes me want to vomit.

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