Pig ★★★★

Oddly one of the most emotional films I’ve seen all year (nothing tops Mass). It’s subdued while simultaneously being so layered. This is definitely one of Nic Cage’s more sophisticated performances in quite some time, even though that’s not hard to be when his roles recently have consisted of going bat sh$! crazy 100% of the time. What you would think, is not what is with Pig and I say that in the best way. It’s so contemplative and methodical to the point where by the end, you feel like you’re still picking up the pieces of the wrecked souls of so many people. Relationships are rooted so deep, in particular with the man and his pig, that emotions are always high. It takes a bit too long I’d say to fully realize itself and what angle it’s trying to approach but once it seems to figure it all out, it’s wholly original and an engaging experience. 

Also, still, every time I see Alex Wolff appear in something…the only thing that pops in my head is “If that’s not love, then what is”🎶 You’re a real one if you get that reference😏

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