Malignant ★★★★

James Wan made an insane, off the wall, nutty as a fruitcake action-horror hybrid, and I’m so incredibly grateful for it. He’s earned the respect of horror faithfuls and blockbuster fanatics over the last decade that he now gets to mix his stylistic approach from both and ‘Malignant’ is born. The most ambitious follow-up since ‘Drag Me to Hell’ from Sam Raimi. It’s unpredictable, simultaneously self aware and serious. Hints of comedic brilliance and perfectly timed thrills. Might also be Wan’s most energized direction with some of the most unique and innovative camera movements you’ll see. The score is also an absolute BANGER. Annabelle Wallis is an excellent scream queen and “Gabriel” is such a well fleshed out entity. Sooo much to love here! It’s not meant to be taken seriously, keep that in mind. Just have fun!

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