• Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    Fuckin’ rich kids right!? 🤣

  • Repossessed



    Definitely among the lesser of Leslie Nielsen’s older parody flicks. Some pretty good visual gags here and there, but for the most part doesn’t entirely hold up very well. Also, the exorcism bit at the end goes on for WAY too long! The songs still slap though…

    Wild that Linda Blair ended up starring in both this and the thing it was making fun of! 😄

    Side note: if it wasn’t for me sneaking a watch of Thirteen Ghosts as…

  • The Sadness

    The Sadness


    The Crazies on steroids wrapped in raw meat and nihilism!!!


  • Hell's Angel

    Hell's Angel


    Been listening to a podcast lately called Respect the Dead which is dedicated to taking the piss out of dead people who were complete pieces of shit while they were alive. They ended up mentioning this short television doc which sheds some light on the dark side of a woman whom the western world is still under the delusion was a pure and wholesome saint.

    This was not the case at all. I no longer feel bad for laughing at…

  • Van Helsing

    Van Helsing


    “You make my skin crawl!!!”

    “This is not all…I could do…WITH YOUR SKKIIIIIINNNNN!!!!!!”


  • Slither



    “He looks like somethin’ that fell off my dick durin’ the war!!!”

    James Gunn’s directorial debut would make an excellent triple-feature with Night of the Creeps and David Cronenberg’s Shivers!

    I also recommend checking out Jessie Gender’s excellently detailed retrospective on the recurring themes in Gunn’s work. The Kill Count video from Dead Meat is also pretty fun!

    Jessie Gender’s “The Toxic Avenger” video essay: youtu.be/TXXyS9tavzo

    Dead Meat’s Kill Count: youtu.be/9Qi_OQvqwwA

  • Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

    Marcel the Shell with Shoes On


    I miss my grandmother… 😢🥺😭

  • 365 Days

    365 Days

    I’ve never seen this movie or read the book it’s based on.

    I had heard it was a god-awful toxic romance that puts 50 Shades to shame…but Jesus Christ! After viewing KrimsonRogue’s 3 hour review of the book on YouTube…I couldn’t possibly have predicted how much of an understatement that is!!! 😳😳😳

    Yeah, I’m avoiding this shit like the plague!


  • Prey



    Holy shit!!! At this point I’ve come to not expect much from any new installment to the Alien/Predator franchise, but this was a genuine surprise! 😍

    More survival horror flicks starring Native Americans please!!!

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    Long Live The New Sex! 😈

  • Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero

    Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero


    After watching Batman and Robin I decided to cleanse my palette by watching a much better animated alternative that featured Mr. Freeze as a villain.

    This one’s no Heart of Ice or Mask of the Phantasm, hell even the Batman Beyond episode featuring Mr. Freeze is a bit better than this IMO.

    Still a fairly solid installment to the Batman TAS universe though. Plus, anything with Barbara Gordon is always worth checking out in my book! Batgirl deserves a lot of love! 😊

  • Lightyear