Toy Story

Toy Story ★★★★★

Instead of slurping up another does of hollow nostalgia-fueled modern Disney with Lightyear this weekend, I decided to instead revisit the original film I love so much with the folks for Father’s Day weekend!

Still amazes me how tight, funny, and emotionally resonant this script is after all these years! Yes it’s true the animation on the humans and dog doesn’t really hold up to today’s standards and can end up being uncanny from time to time, but the characters and heart of the film are what make it truly hold up!

Woody and Buzz are still two of my favorite film characters of all time and I always have fun watching them no matter how old I get!

This was only the beginning though…and man were we so unaware of how big this newfangled thing called CG animation was going to get in the years to come!