The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★½

blood runs thick and it runs black, to the slow, yet charged beat of the life of the American (gangster) Dream as Shakespearean tragedy, unintentionally premeditated by the generational sins of a father, and forcibly molded from ideal/reason into capitalistic violence. Part II bridges origin to inevitable misfortune, the warmth of a sepia Italian homeland and the menace of becoming heir to corruption while Michael Corleone succumbs to corruption himself, alternating between the plague of a courtroom drama and grandiose epic of next/last chapter storytelling to Coppola’s phenomenal blueprint to cinematic master craft. a bit more rich and melancholic than its predecessor in trade for spiraling, bloodthirsty vengeance, and though Brando’s deep sensation of security, adamance, and modesty are more favorable to the descending coldness of Pacino’s impiety, there exists an immeasurable degree of heartache and loneliness that dwells within the sinister atmosphere conjured by the damnation of a man doomed from the beginning. another epic in storytelling that coexists phenomenally with Part I, and some of the most easily watchable six hours of film ever made.

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