“You are not a person, Mr. Burns. You are an experience! ”

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  • Phantom Thread
  • Marcel the Shell with Shoes On
  • A Thousand Clowns
  • Pain and Glory

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  • The Lure


  • The Changeling


  • The White Ribbon


  • Amen.


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  • The Haunting of Julia

    The Haunting of Julia


    Dreary, drizzly, drab, grey, and bleak- a bit of beauty you can find in the macabre, eh?  A Creepy little naughty blonde girl. Toy clowns wearing an infinite sinister smile. Room heaters switching on and off. Countless mysterious accidents. Many cups of tea and coffee along with investigative conversations. A seance to help answer some questions. Mia Farrow’s character depicting such complicated grief and spiraling out of control….
    Colin Town’s score is sublime. It marries beautifully with each frame. It’s disappointing I cannot find this soundtrack anywhere. 😒 I can see this becoming my next comfort film!

  • M3GAN



    M3gan… the toy doll that creates personality disorders and codependency in your child!! Buy one today!! 🤣😂  You will surely hear lines like: 
       I get so crazy without M3gan. 
    She always knows what to say.”

    My personal favorite was “ You made her real good, Aunt Gemma.” 
    …like, WTF kid 😂🤣
     You might as well just give the kid crack. 😂

Recent reviews

  • The Lure

    The Lure


    This was one big polka nightmare on acid, crack, cocaine AND METH washed down with a BOTTLE OF VODKA. Wtf. I’ve been wanting to see this forever and came away incredibly disappointed. The two things I appreciated was the usage of color and music.

  • The Changeling

    The Changeling


    I was missing autumn.

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  • The Unforgivable

    The Unforgivable


    I wish Sandra Bullock was my sister.

  • X



    Ti West delivered this one in the best package and most magnificent bow. He definitely had my heart forever when he served us “The House of the Devil.”  I felt that was homage to my 70s and 80s horror. But “X” IS the love letter to all horror. We have bits thrown in from Hitchcock, to Texas Chainsaw, to Friday the 13th-  I won’t spoil it for you. 
    Ti West not only gives us creativity in this gem. He also…