• The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    Besser als ich erwartet habe. Seit immer ist Neo Auserwählte Ein!

  • Joint Security Area

    Joint Security Area


    Chan-Wook Park's directorial style is an absolute mastery. Incredibly talented artist. Great story about an artificially divided nation. More unites us than divides us. Forcing people to hate leads to trauma. Despite the sad ending, it is a pacifist film.

  • The Story of O

    The Story of O


    Scenerie has a divine, pleasant musical theme. Great chemistry. And the distinction between BDSM and something that turns into "A Handmaid's Tale". A bit boring.

  • Viva Erotica

    Viva Erotica


    This movie has an amazing distance to itself. It promises to be a stupid comedy, with time it gains a deep self-awareness. You could say that if "The Scream" by Wes Craven was a vivisection of a horror movie, then "Viva Erotica" is a lecture on the XXX cinema industry. Very intelligent, extremely sensual in places.

  • A Chinese Ghost Story III

    A Chinese Ghost Story III


    In this part, instead of the tax collector played by Leslie Cheung, we have a young monk played by Tony Leung Chiu Wai on the threshold of his dizzying acting career. Of course, this is not a replacement for the worse. They are both the greatest Hong Kong actors of all time. Just as fun and energetic as in the previous two parts. At times it is an instructional video. But this is also a plus.

  • A Chinese Ghost Story II

    A Chinese Ghost Story II


    As crazy and lovable as the first part. A good romantic horror film for sentimentalists and lovers. Jacky Cheung strengthens the comedy accent and Taoist methods of fighting demons!

  • The Restless

    The Restless


    Sweet Jesus in apricots, what a crap! And I seldom find anything unworthy of attention. Something that put me off the screen was a bland Woo Sung-jung (generally after his role in "Good, Bad and Weird", I thought he is a better actor). He is neither a lover nor a quasi-Orpheus. On the plus: the musical tune.

  • A Better Tomorrow II

    A Better Tomorrow II


    Not as good as part one. Too little action, too much home drama, and when the action is already there, there's no delight after all. And there is no happy end! - I cried over Kit's thread, so I know that I won't come back to the second part of the John Woo action movie. Chow - Fat is a nibbler ;-) - a stage beast.

  • Days of Being Wild

    Days of Being Wild


    My joy is unstoppable. I feel fullness of majesty inside a very charmfull story, which is small and powerfull at the same time. A real Wild at Heart Story. Datings, break-ups, romances, falling in love, toxity, lies and death. Great and beloved Leslie Cheung portraied a specific character so diffrent from the other his performances: alpha-male, toxic, brutal! I'm impressed by Andy Lau and small ending-scene conducting by Tony Leung. Soundtrack, landscapes. So far my favorite Wong Kar - Wai's movie. Absolute masterpiece.

  • A Better Tomorrow

    A Better Tomorrow


    I didn't expect Chow Fat to play such a villain, but I was scared. And you know - I love Leslie Cheung. Besides, J.Woo is my type of cinema: action, action, action, hastle master movie, police movie. A lot of fun, so I recommend it.

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    A wise and thoughtful thing. But I read so much good about this film that when it came down to it, it did not impress me (anyway - not as a masterpiece, because it is generally a solid cinema). Great C. Mulligan. Oscar for a well deserved script - daily toxic masculinity perfectly captured.

  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


    I should be glad that Tony Leung Chiu Wai (the best actor with Eyes-Acting-Skills ever) has made his way into the mainstream, but Marvel kills, devours, chops, and finally pours hot urine on all the Chinese potential that is hidden in legends, fairy tales, wuxia and martial arts. I have to get it over with. Besides, a young cast needs to be replaced.