Soul ★★★★★

Sometimes you're lucky enough to see films that have a lasting impact on you and make you wonder why they only now found a way into your life. You're so overwhelmed and surprised that they really exist and have such an effect on you that you embed them deep in your memory and, like a warm hug, never want to let go.

"Soul" is such a film - an experience, a revelation, a declaration of love for the things that really matter. The entire film lulled my senses and took me on a journey I want to repeat right away. A film so warm that its wonderful score and unique animations can only make you smile, and a story that shows you that even the very smallest things in life make it special. The film is like a motivational quote on a mug added to a great whole, and shows once again that animated films can show more than real-life adaptations.

"Soul" reminded me of the taste sequences in "Ratatouille" and works with perceptions, senses and sensations in an equally creative way - but here it's a whole 106 minutes that are balm for the soul and the most wonderful therapy you could wish for.

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