The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

Robert Eggers completes his unofficial The trilogy with his latest release in The Northman; it's no wonder his long-developed project in remaking Nosferatu (1922) won't see the light of day because it lacks The in the title.

But this is easily his most accessible film to date in regards to catching the attention of mainstream audiences. The atmospheric, visual flair remains at the forefront, taking advantage of all the stunning natural locations Iceland and Ireland offer.

Alexander Skarsgård commits to the physical transformation of his character; he's shredded, displaying pure macho energy. Fueled by rage to avenge his father's death, it becomes intriguing to see events unfold as he battles patience in finding the right moment to attack.

The revenge elements are enthralling and satisfying, elevated by well-choreographed swordplay. It epitomizes the brutality of violence during that era but doesn't overwhelm the audience by showing an excessive amount of gore. The score with the drums and deep humming contributed to what felt like an epic.

Some of the mythology elements puzzled me, as the dialogue might not always be easy to follow, especially without subtitles. There were instances where I had a delayed reaction to some of the plot reveals, as I was still trying to put context together. Indeed, something that would improve upon a rewatch.

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