Spencer ★★½

Spencer is a well-crafted film, which I am sure will generate a ton of nominations during award season between its direction, cinematography, set design, costumes, but this was nothing more than an artsy and bloated attempt at Oscar bait.

As a disclaimer, period dramas are arguably my least favorite subgenre. It is very challenging to produce something that engages me, let alone grab my attention. And it was no different here.

I don't know much about Diana outside of the tragic car accident that ended her life, and I attribute that to not caring about the British royal family. But the narrative here was just not captivating whatsoever; it was dull and made me feel restless.

Here is what I will say about Kristen Stewart: it's her career-best performance, but I am conflicted about whether it's Best Actress worthy. The dialogue she delivers does her little-to-no favors.

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