Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★½

Knives Out is a modern spin on the murder-mystery, whodunnit genre consisting of a talented cast.

Rian Johnson has a tough task balancing suspense and comedy while trying to differentiate itself from 1985's Clue.

The comedy primarily comes from Daniel Craig with a ridiculous southern accent, as he is the private investigator assigned to the case. Chris Evans brought a few chuckles, but besides that, many comedic attempts became too inconsistent. Despite a talented cast, you will be surprised by how few lines of dialogue certain characters have despite being prominently featured in the trailer.

The initial setup of the murder mystery is engaging, and there is even a creative risk with its story direction that had the potential for a rewarding ending. However, when everything starts to unravel regarding the mystery, it felt predictable and somewhat safe with its final reveal. Even the motivation behind it felt too on-the-nose with its message and how it relates to today's political climate.

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