Roma ★★★½

Roma's cinematography has had to have been the best in years, using beautiful black and white photography with naturalistic lighting that work along side the choreography to make amazing shots. Still, I just didn't find myself in love with the film like everyone else. The pacing to this movie is what really bothers me, taking a rather slow, nuanced look into the character's life following a pregnancy. The film doesn't give too much focus to the family she tends to, but rather glimpses, and while I understand the direction it's going towards it would have been better to give some insight as to who these people were. It's not that the film refuses to, it's just that it's not enough, especially a problem when a surrogate family is a major theme in the film. Still, this doesn't stop the film from being emotionally devastating when it has to be; I cried especially near the end.

Roma has great ideas, but not quite the execution I'd hoped for.

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