The Batman

The Batman ★★★★★

First off… Emo Bruce is Peak Bruce. Big big W in that department and no one will change my mind.
This is grungy(literally the music is grunge) and gritty and dark. I love it. Is it wrong I’m still attracted to the Colin Farrell swag even under the guise of Penguin prosthetics? 
Joker + Zodiac = Riddler. He was great! “He’s got like 500 followers” look Hollywood, tell me you don’t know about social media without telling me you’re still out of touch about social media… that’s all I’m saying about that.
There’s a car chase scene that might be the best I’ve ever seen. The way it’s filmed— the Batman score stalking in the background like a pursuit… the close ups on the face then the chase then the faces then the chase… holy cow. I’ve never enjoyed anything on screen more. The fire stalk… cinematic gold.
Are these the most practical shoes cat woman has ever donned? Yes… Zoe is perfection. Their chemistry is perfection. Look Thomas Wayne… I also approve that message(iykyk). This Batman might be the most perfect depiction of a mortally ambiguous vigilante yet! It’s not black and white… no one is righteous. Not even the Batman. It makes him and cat woman make sense. This movie takes the story seriously but still has that Dick Tracy-esc noir feel. Is this Neo-noir? I hope so. I need more of this. I love gritty detective thrillers with a dose of anti hero vigilantism. It’s not only cathartic it’s exhilarating. 
The fight choreography feels so real. Not too elegant, clunky and intense. There’s a real feeling he could get hurt. You know that ugly face you make when you listen to heavy metal— my face watching these fight scenes.
The details- down to the riddler’s handwriting feel authentic but also are all consistent throughout with a Gotham feel— if Gotham was an adjective. This feels both grounded and fantastical. Makes it immersive af. The runtime  is irrelevant when you are enthralled. This is my favorite hero movie ever. Nothing is better than good cop and Batshit cop, and a penguin that waddles.

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