RRR ★★★★★


You watch RRR and wonder "Why is this film such a spine-tingling blast of excitement while most super-hero blockbusters hit audiences like tepid baths?"

Maybe it's because they don't feature a musical number where white douchebags are struck down by the power of Indian dance.

From the absurd premise of "What if two real-life revolutionaries who never crossed path... We're really best friends?", Director SS Rajamouli crafts a towering 3-hour epic that's all about saving a single child, but within the confines of a titanic bromance that will shake the heavens - and unlike most Masala Epics - there's no comedic sidekicks, slow-down romances or wild tangents - because everything is in service of the story of two dudes being dudes who keep coming up with clever ways to brutally murder colonialist oppressors. Thankfully, no giant armies clash, but the script is filled with clever gags and wraps up in a rip-roaring climax that features a kind of gunfight I've never seen before (or will again). Ram Charan gets to play the conventionally handsome dude, while N.T. Rama Rao Jr. gets to be the lovably schlubby hero who kicks all manners of ass.

If RRR is playing anywhere near you, Run, Run, Run to see it with the biggest audience possible.

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