What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows ★★★★

I like horror movies, I like mockumentaries, I like Jemaine Clement. I like this movie. It's not as funny as, say, This Is Spinal Tap and there's not a moment of scariness worth a damn, but as a kind of hang out movie, this works really well. It follows 3 main vampires with a few others on the periphery to flesh out the world of small city Wellington, NZ's vampire community. There's some really funny stuff about the duties a vampire roommate might have to do, including laying down newspaper on the nice couch when you're going to suck some blood. There's barely a plot, which is fine, because whenever they do try to focus on telling a story it doesn't work as well as the more low-key stuff. The best jokes come from the rules of vampirism (and zombies and, in the best scenes of the movie, the conflict between vamps and werewolves) and a good use of gore effects. Fans of either genre or funny movies should seek this one out, but maybe not make it a super priority.