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A whirlpool of anguish that is tragically nihilistic and strangely hopeful at the same time. The film immediately strikes with a feeling of unease in it's setting. It's not as direct as films like Blue Velvet and American Beauty in it's depiction of bleak suburbia but it still conjures up an eerie and uncomfortable tone despite there being not much information revealed yet. My favorite example of this is the use of music in the opening bike ride scene. There is nothing being shown visually that would make you think it's a horror/thriller film but the song choice of The Killing Moon contrasts the happy family slow-mo imagery in such an uncanny way that expectation of positivity is completely subverted. This scene sets the mood for the film instantly and there are so many other brilliant examples of this (The use of music is always perfect). I think the stand-out of the film for me is the despair of each character. Everyone represents a different angle of hopelessness and all the ideas they present blend together into this beautiful amalgamation of poignant melancholy (please excuse all the synonyms of hopeless I am using here). The character that strikes me the most is Frank. He is everything the film is going for shown in one character. Someone who wants to be (and is perceived by the audience as) something intimidating but in the end is just a man behind a curtain. "Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?" "Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?" Ugh, such a beautiful film.

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