The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★½

The heart warming tale of a family business, passing from father to son and relocating from New York to Nevada.

I have never seen The Godfather before. I've always avoided it as I felt nothing about it would appeal to me, not the cast, director, story, setting or level of violence, all right one thing appealed to me, it's reputation. Regarded as one of the greatest or even THE greatest movie of all time (and seemingly unassailable number one in Letterboxd's own top 250) I eventually decided that it had become an offer I couldn't refuse and I bit the bullet and sat down and watched all three hours of it (at least of part one.)

I was right, it really isn't for me, it's a great piece of film making, brilliant for what it is, but it isn't my view of the world, or rather it's not a view of the world I want to see depicted. If I must watch Marlon Brando as a gangster, I'd rather stick to Guys And Dolls, whatever flaws that film may have and it has many (not least Brando's casting and singing...) I still prefer Damon Runyon to Mario Puzo.

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