First Cow

First Cow ★★★★

“It's getting started that's the puzzle... no way for a poor man to start.”

This tale of two friends roaming the American frontier in search of fortune is yet another exquisite nature-driven piece from Kelly Reichardt. It’s lean and engaging as it strips back the many formative flaws of the “American Dream” and capitalism, showing a friendship built on that promise of wealth & security. And the interests of this friendship—as is with most Americans that would come after—rests in the financial prosperity of their future, milking each & every opportunity for wealth until it runs dry. It’s a simple story that’s been told many times before, but due to Reichardt’s nuanced storytelling, we get something so gentle and so naturalistic where the past reverberates through each serene image.

First Cow
 is a wondrous addition to Reichardt’s impressive filmography, and while it doesn’t quite warrant the 122-minute runtime, I was still left captivated by its tranquil atmosphere and rich core narrative. Needed way more cow though...

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