I won’t forget certain moments.  Ever. 

I’m still debating was it a comedy or a tragedy? Both? Both. 

Adding to my review now that it’s out because I have more to say on this one.  

Because I heard Emerald Fennell speak at the screening at the  Austin Film Festival, I was able to take it (and I mean take it) and go along for the ride.  

She said she was exploring the perversions of desire and obsession. What do you have the urge to do? I did not see it so much as a class commentary, although it’s there to make us wonder… if they deserve their fate? 

She pushes into a sphere few female directors are willing to explore (the bowels of human the psyche). So many male directors are celebrated for this, yet directors like Fennell (aka WOMEN) are held to a much higher standard.  I digress…

She commands a lot of her actors in this and she gets it from them, particularly Barry Keoghan. His performance is nothing short of spectacular proving his incredible range. And the rest of the cast is on top form. This must have been a riot to film.  Would love to see “the making of” doc. 

She asked us after the screening to see a show of hands - who has …. ? You know what she asked us. I won’t lay a spoiler here. Giggles in the crowd. Who wanted to do something “like that” she asked? I honestly believe she has done the deed or knows someone who has (or at least wanted to).  

While it will likely prove to be polarizing in its infancy, mostly because it’s absolutely ridiculous and something we are not used to seeing from a female filmmaker,  I do think it will rise up later to be reviewed as something interesting and something that smashed an imagined boundary for female creatives.  And for this reason I dug it.  I dug it a lot.

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