The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ★★★★★

“but i misjudged just how sick you are”

my god, there is truly nothing more satisfying than sitting down to watch a (highly rated) film and have it blow you away with how absolutely perfect it is. there’s not a flaw in this thing, certainly not with the story, the direction, and the overall dark, gritty, and graphic feel of every scene. now i understand why david fincher is so highly regarded, because d a m n, man can make a good ass movie. i truly haven’t been so exited over a film in a long time! everything about this makes me go insane with how brilliant it is!

not to mention rooney mara who gives an INCREDIBLE performance as lisbeth salander, how she did not win the oscar, i do not know. (also lisbeth may be my fave character ever, and i really want her to just step on me. i’ll admit it: i am in love with a swedish punk hacker.)

AHHH everything about this is so good!!! men are trash and rapists should die and lisbeth salander deserves all the happiness in the world! also yes, i watched this with my mom. i honestly think we’re closer after this movie 😂 


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