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  • Bros


    Right so, I think my brain is just not built to find men, especially cis men, interesting or funny. Not a single funny joke. I was definitely not the target audience so I won’t rate it but yeah bleh 😴

  • New World

    New World

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Turned it off the moment her character died ❤️ Sorry but I cannot process MEN

  • Born in Gaza

    Born in Gaza


  • Our Love Story

    Our Love Story

    I finished this movie & was genuinely so excited to share my thoughts but I read that the director is convicted of r*** so that’s cancelled.

  • Mary Queen of Scots

    Mary Queen of Scots

    I couldn’t finish this :( saoirse I love you tho

  • Hiroshima


    Put it any way you like but dropping TWO atomic bombs on Japan in FOUR days was inhumane and anyone who disagrees is a monster. There’s literally no explanation. None. this documentary did a fairly good job of showing the horrors of that monstrous decision. I wish it didn’t frame the dropping of the bomb as “inevitable” though.

  • The Russian Revolution

    The Russian Revolution

    This was nice but it lacked so much information and it was entirely too short. Anyway, imagine being Lenin and doing all THAT and just having strokes and dying ajdjjdjdks

  • Saudi Arabia Uncovered

    Saudi Arabia Uncovered

    The west really continues to support this...big silence.

  • Fyre


    He only got 6 years in prison. I was yelling ELECTRIC CHAIR the whole time for making that sweet Bahamian woman cry and not paying her and her employees

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed

    This did not need to be 2 hours long at all. once everything concludes and you see the whole picture it’s a mindfuck & really interesting but it took way too long to capture my attention.

  • Where Hands Touch

    Where Hands Touch

    Okay this was not what I expected. The way they set up the trailer was dumb as hell and this is definitely not about sympathizing with Nazis at all. Anyway, there’s really no way to defend this movie unless you watch it. The description here and everywhere else is a mess. The actress who plays her mother really OUTSOLD.

  • mother!


    I’m not rating this because um.....como se dice,,,,, WHAT? All I know is that it wasn’t bad???? I liked it???? I even think this is jlaw’s best acting, but I kept waiting for one scene to make sense and it just ended. Also someone tell me I’m not crazy and that the woman who gets up from the bed towards the end, is a combination of Veronica’s face + her dead baby’s face right???