Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear ★★★

Based (loosely) on a true event in 1985, this telling of the story amps up the thrills as befits a tale of a massive overdosing of coke....and a large black bear.

There's a giddiness to the story that keeps it from being too serious but the kills are what H.G. Lewis wishes he could've accomplished with his tawdry gore shockers. Cocaine Bear is peopled with interesting actors and a large number of them bite the big one. Spoilers**** The deaths here are random though the most evil jerk (Ray Liotta RIP) in the movie gets a sumptuous death scene that made me groan out loud with delight. (There was no one else in the theater! I felt like Howard Hughes with my own movie theater. I was unusually interactive with the events onscreen).

I'm not a bear expert but the effects, whatever they were, really impressed me. It blew the CGI bear scenes in last year's Prey out of the water....though Prey was a vastly superior piece of cinema.

P.S. - The bear does not die! However, in real life the poor bear did die and did not actually kill anybody. Our bear in the movie is one tough Momma Bear! Cocaine Bear is a fun watch though apparently that word hasn't gotten around these environs where I live. Cheers!

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