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  • Boys State

    Boys State


    uh this is a lil toxic 

    It’s so interesting because even Steven, who was running on an “honest” campaign was still saying basically nothing. It’s teaching kids how to be politicians, not changemakers. I remember when my high school sent delegates to this (girls state for me) and I was interested but didn’t apply, and now I’m glad I didn’t lol 

    Lord of the Flies if all the kids were Ben Shapiro

  • Ratatouille



    Best characters are as follows:
    1. Remy
    2. Emile
    3. Chef Skinner
    4. Buff Rat
    5. The chef de patisserie kneading the bread dough in the background (my mood all day today)
    6. Gusteau, who literally lost one star on his restaurant and died (rip, glad u lived on as remy’s conscience)

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  • Amadeus



    The grandeur! 
    The indulgence! 
    The excess! 
    The drama!!!

    It’s like Salieri move on. Mozart is not even in the same freaking lane as you. He is Lightning McQueen and you are the guys who sell rust-eze

  • Ponyo



    Saosuke is a freaking genius of a child, like 5 years old and a literal sailor! Wow! 
    Also Lisa just takes no prisoners