Stardust ★★★★½

The fantasy worlds, full of color, adventure, fantastic creatures, and magic make our everyday lives look simple and boring and lame. But we are not fully realizing how charming our world is.
To mention a couple of awesome things: Our bodies glow, they emit visible light (even if the light is too weak to be seen by the human eye – this is called human bioluminescence). You can actually die from a broken heart, in a way meaning humans need love to live – also because without it you would basically be living like a robot. And last, but not least incredible, most of the elements that make up the human body were formed in stars. Which feels like a sprinkle of magic in our world. Like magic realism, as it is part of our daily lives, and we unwarily coexist with this.
Truth is, we are made of light, love, and stardust.

And I think the same thing comes to love. Great romances have always been a big part of epics and fairy tales. It is in the fantasy world where we can find these dreamy, perfect, charming love stories, that feel almost unreachable compared to the ‘real world ones’. And yes, love like this exists, even if it is incredibly hard to find.
It’s a kind of love that makes you want to be better, that makes you feel warm, it’s a love you can feel in the silence, in the safety that they’re by your side, or in the intimacy of sharing your favorite songs or hearing them snore while they sleep. It is essential and kind. It’s a love that ignites you. One that makes you feel alive.
I feel like the love and fantasy of this movie leaked a bit into my world: A star disguised as a lover, a person to whom I feel connected by the cosmos – that maybe in every universe we are meant to find each other. To feel like you can’t really die, because now you have the heart of a star.

I love gazing at the stars, to look at the beautiful moon in the clear night sky. I don’t know if the celestial beings in the sky gaze back at us, but I know there's a star, a little piece of heaven, looking out for me.

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