Roma ★★★★

Although 'Roma' was released straight to Netflix in the UK, I was glad I managed to see it at a screening, because visually it gives you so much scope. There's still a few things I'm unsure about with 'Roma,' but overall it was a beautifully crafted film. The use of wide shot and long takes meant action flowed in and out seamlessly. You would be watching our main character Cleo walk into a furniture store and the next thing you know a street protest has turned into chaos and a man is being shot dead by the man who impregnated Cleo. The action largely plays out in real time and without dramatic music so you barely notice the high drama levels creep up on you until it's already happened. So many scenes built momentum this way, and by the end you feel like you've been through so much with these characters. I'm sure this will continue to be a strong contender in awards season.

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