Women Talking

Women Talking ★★★★½

"Why does love result in so much violence?" - Ona,

- 2022: boxd.it/eWNQo

I'd die for Ruth and Sheryl.

It's very difficult to write about this because I'm a bit astonished by what the film accomplishes. It's not perfect with a few parts being unnecessarily pretentious, in my opinion, but as a whole I really loved this. It nails an incredibly intense and sincere tone that's necessary to make some of this stuff work. I mean this as a compliment but the film almost comes off like a smarty, dystopic YA novel meets an amazing theater company. It's dramatic in the best of ways, it deftly addresses broad issues impacting the gender discussion, and it looks great while doing so. It would feel a little cornier if it wasn't so damn good.

Expect some haters, but this is amazing.

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