Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke ★★★

"His name is Ralph man" - Cheech,

- FC Anniversary Scavenger Hunt (20/21): boxd.it/7uQXe
"Watch a film from one of the Film Club Film Movements (stoner mvmnt)"

If you're in a van made out of weed you pretty much know that you're in a van made of weed.

I understand why this movie is beloved and championed by the pot-smoking community. It's got a fun lazy charm to it and at times effectively captures the experience of being really high. I love the low-budget renegade feel of the film and the soundtrack, which elevates the anti-establishment vibe. I laughed out loud a few times but also got bored some. Cheech and Chong are great though. I love Cheech's fast talking and big goofy smile and Chong's kind spirit and deadpan face. They have a real natural chemistry that works well and elevates some of the dialogue to humor.

Influential and occasionally good... worth a watch.

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