Logan ★★★★½

"Listen, you don't have to fight anymore" -Logan.

- X-Men Ranked: boxd.it/1PZwO

Including a Taco Bell commercial in the middle of a deranged man's monologue is some gangster ass product placement.

Logan's ready to say goodbye but first he's going to go on a weird neo-western Mad Max like adventure. In Logan, Weapon X goes on a mission to help a little girl and a declining Professor X make it to a safe haven for mutants. This takes place in a timeline where all mutants have been arrested and/or killed and only a few remain in hiding. The movie is fantastic and should be watched by anyone.

I feel that Logan is without a doubt the best X-men film made for 3 main reasons. First, the R-rating really allows a violent character like Wolverine to reach his full visual potential. Many X-men stories are about a truly fucked up world and that's just far more difficult to achieve in PG-13. Second, it's a solid script that only focuses on a select few characters and is shot incredibly well. Third, Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Patrick Stewart's Professor X are two of the most established characters in the series and that makes them feel incredibly comfortable and helps the film to feel more lived in.

Yeah, it's really good.

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