Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★

"Pardon me Ms. Snooty Cat" -Jiji,

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My cats don't say shit to me, that's normal right?

In Kiki's Delivery Service there is a Witch in Training named Kiki that has to go live in a town as part of her training. The town teaches her like crap until they realize she can deliver things quickly via flying . She also has a talking cat which makes me incredibly jealous. So Kiki creates a delivery service and episodic Miyazaki beauty ensues.

It can be so hard to effort or adult and that's what this movie is about. Kiki is a damn mess but she just keeps trying. She gets down and she keeps trying, she faces the ultimate doubt for a witch....and she keeps trying and in the end she has love all around. I love it. The animation is great as well. I love the way flying on brooms is presented in so many interesting and funny ways.

I like my Miyazaki a little bit weirder but this is a sweet and perfect little story. I recommend to anyone.

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