Horse Girl

Horse Girl ★½

"No one would want to take you" - Deb,

- 2020 Ranked:

Ancient Aliens never did an episode on mental illness... I wonder why.

Sarah's main hobbies are stalking horses, binge watching supernatural mysteries and pursuing arts and crafts. She also has intense lucid dreams and they are starting to creep into her real life, causing her grip on consciousness to loosen. The film is a cringy mumblecore mess about a woman whose weirdness is becoming too much... I didn't particularly care for it.

Alison Brie is excellent but this film is too meandering and awkward for awkward's sake to make for a truly compelling story. While my attention was kept it was mostly because I was trying to figure out what the hell this movie's aim is and why they didn't either add more structure or eliminate the structure entirely. Horse Girl just tries to achieve too much and ends up failing. The ending is a film student mess.

It's another NOPE for Netflix.

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