Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy ★½

"The point is you don't know shit!" -Mamaw,

- 2020 Ranked: boxd.it/4zdAI
- Ron Howard Ranked: boxd.it/2Z5hC

9 Quick Thoughts:

(1) There is not an excuse for voting for a fascist... sorry... there just isn't.

(2) Glenn Close is great in this but who cares?

(3) This film so condescendingly reinforces the "if you just work hard you'll succeed" myth that it made me nauseous.

(4) I find the consistent ways that the film tries to immunize the family from any racism issues to be unrealistic and annoying. I grew up in the rural south and I guarantee you that racism would be pervasive in the area and it's just ignored. The grandma was still telling jokes about Polish people I would guarantee you that she uses the n word.

(5) Ron Howard is the most boring major director in the business. This film is so replacement-level in direction... nothing is special.

(6) Half the script is poverty porn with no real point.

(7) The other half of the script is overly saccharine bullshit for super old people.

(8) Amy Adams is only fine in this. Bring it I'll fight you!

(9) Trying to adapt the movie to be more apolitical in order to appeal to a larger audience was a coward move. At least if the script admitted that this is a film about culture conflicts that is trying to humanize voters with "economic anxiety" the film might be interesting. As it is it's just a boring Lifetime style movie.