Halloween ★★★★★

"Everyone's entitled to one good scare" - Sheriff Brackett,

- Halloween Ranked: boxd.it/1IQzA
- John Carpenter Ranked: boxd.it/22Bdu

I love when Mike Myers is just cruising around the town in his mask. That is some serious swagger.

What a wonderful and simple premise... an escaped madman fixates on a young group of girls and only his crazed doctor and a few out of their league police are there to protect the community. The Todd Film Institute ranks this as one of the 100 best American films ever made and I agree with that assessment because I'm Todd. Halloween is a juggernaut of a film because of its immaculate pacing, its simple but highly effective cinematography, interesting characters, and iconic villain.

You actually aren't entitled to be scared, you're entitled to a great fucking movie and you got one. Recommended.

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