Casino Royale

Casino Royale ★★★★½

"Get your hand off my arm" - Vesper... About damn time a woman told him that.

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I already loved this movie when Eva Green came in and Bond and Vesper read each other and then I passed out and then I gave this 4.5 stars.

In Casino Royale, we learn that Bond was a cute asshole from the very beginning. After some roguish murder game for 45 minutes, Bond gets sent to play in an international high stakes poker game against a terrorist financier who needs to win the game at any cost. Bond also meets his match in Vesper Lynd, the best bond girl in the history of bond girls period YES SHE IS! The movie drags a touch at the very end and I miss a few of the Bond tropes but DAMN this is good.

I love this film. Almost everything that happens in it is better than almost every other bond film. It's fun to get close to an origin story for Bond and see one of the times he let a dame win him over. This is arguably the most consistent story and the best editing and direction in the history of the Franchise. I love when Bond has a specific mission, and when you throw in that it's based on poker that's a bondgasm as far as I'm concerned. Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond since Roger Moore. I like that James is more human and vulnerable in this particular film because it makes his baddassery even more impressive.

Yes, watch it, it is one of the best that the spy sub-genre has to offer.

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