Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

“You really are kind of a quote-unquote fantastic fox.”

Call it blasphemy but I really don’t think that emotion is exactly Wes Anderson’s forte (edit: I’m wrong). There are very specific emotional moments that Anderson excels at, and he’s clearly mastered his particular brand of comedy, but his style of focusing on the artifice and storytelling of it all can sometimes distract from moments that cut deeper than the average flick.

But what Fantastic Mr. Fox does so well is the quiet moments that really make you feel something. It still boasts Wes’s fantastic dead pan comedy, visual style, and is his first venture into the wonderful world of stop motion, but this movie also resonates with me deeply - more deeply than on previous viewings as a matter of fact.

The characters and themes are so well realized and charming, with the storybook sensibilities and idiosyncrasies of the director bringing me nothing but delight.

All this fantastic quality in less than 90 minutes. Good stuff.

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