In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★

Lin-Manuel Miranda has arguably the worst singing voice of the entire musical theater history, and it's amazing how he ruined a scene just by singing one syllable.

With that being said, In The Heights was ok. As a whole, the film achieved a colorful and vivid environment throughout. The direction was very good, as well as the cinematography and performances of the main cast. Nevertheless, I really disliked the fact that it's a film that wants to be sold as LATIN AMERICAN when, in fact, it's only about a neighborhood full of Americans with latin descent. I mean, come one, none of the characters is really from Latin America. There's only representation from PR and DR, but the true Latin American countries apparently don't exist, or rather, just showing their flags for a couple of seconds makes us, flesh and blood latinos, feel proud.

BUT, everything that's wrong with In The Heights is the fault of the original story that went from being told in a great musical to an average movie. So, I guess it's not this film's fault.