Encanto ★★★★

Wondering what a Colombian thinks about the accuracy of the culture and style of Encanto? Let me tell you.

While many say that the story could be set anywhere else, Colombia is the perfect place for Encanto. Our country had the longest armed conflict in history, which left thousands of families displaced because of illegal groups, such as the guerrillas. Encanto arises from this internal migration, and from the struggle to survive in a territory that was bathed in blood for decades in the 20th century. The film places us in the resilience of families, and shows us the way in which community ties were formed to fight against crime. It was emotional to see this perspective developed in a friendly way to be presented to children, but also easy for older people to understand.

Beyond the story and its incredible messages, there are key aspects that I would like to highlight. For example, the fauna and flora are portrayed in the most beautiful way possible. Obviously, rural areas are not surrounded by different animal species, but taking into account that Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, it was crucial for Encanto to incorporate as many native species as possible. The food portrayal is also sensational, as well as the typical clothes that mix elements from different regions and climates. The music is a dream come true, because it includes indigenous and traditional rhythms fused with popular melodies.

In short, Encanto is a literal encanto. The film intertwines the murky past of certain rural regions of Colombia and opens the way to a story faithful to its geography and characteristic magical realism.