Fear ★½

Quick Hit: Call it, folks. We've found our trash January horror release for the year. Deon Taylor deserves credit for persistence and his championing midbudget thrillers, but oof -- this is just bad. Taylor's script is filled with dialogue of the "People Do Not Talk Like This" variety and 2D characters -- each with their own generic fear that they list off in succession in a scene that feels beyond forced. A cast of likable actors (and TI) can't do anything with their poorly-sketched out characters and the story is both simplistic and maddeningly vague.

Taylor also steals every horror trope in the book, from the upside down woods shot as a car travels to the haunted house destination to the "Google find weirdly-specific information about the threat" scene, the Dutch angles -- I could go on. But most of all -- and most unforgivably -- Fear is just boring as shit, with bad CGI and nothing remotely interesting happening until the end -- and implications that are perhaps a bit questionable for the era in which we live. But hey, at least we managed to find the early contender for worst of the year.

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