Spencer ★★★

As a piece of life-writing (interdisciplinary-speaking) of Diana Spencer, this film checks most of the boxes of the genre: Authentic (arguably the easiest aspect - can be achieved by the settings and the actress's performance of playing the biographical subject), truthful (whether it's accurate based on history), and anecdotal (this point is credited to Elizabeth Gaskell).

Focusing on three days also seems wise and modernist, but this biopic presents the biased impression of Diana's neurotic self (think The Hours, where Stephen Daldry portrays a Woolf that was scandalous among Woolfians) and fails to capture the myriad, changing self of the subject (the epitome of modern biography since Samuel Johnson; the "happy" ending is rather sloppy). I also dislike the romanticisation of women's misery (royal or not), it feels gothic and dated. The lesbian touch at the end is awkward and is suspected of capitalising on other politically correct, commercial films of our time (think Marvels). Yes it's beautiful and complete, but I just ain't into it.

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