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  • Demented


    A woman's attempts to regain her sanity after being gang raped are hampered by her philandering husbands lack of support, and her isolation causes her to be plagued by recurring nightmares.. or are they just nightmares? This film truly is demented, a lot of the time it's hard to tell what's real, or what's just going on in our buxom heroines head.The husband who's coming up with ever more ridiculous excuses to escape to visit his money-grubbing mistress is played,…

  • The Vengeful Beauty

    The Vengeful Beauty


    After her husband is murdered by the ruthless Lo Lieh, pregnant Chen Ping becomes a fugitive. With the aid of her two male companions she fights off the hordes of assassins Lieh sends after her,including his own offspring, while plotting revenge for her husband! Yes,if this Shaw Brothers swordplay epic sounds a little reminiscent of 'Lone Wolf and Cub',and maybe even 'Lady Snowblood',I don't think it's coincidental.There's also a female assassin who fights topless! As someone who grew up watching…

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  • Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet


    A small town is terrorised by a series of brutal killings that appear to be the work of a wild animal. A wheelchair bound boy and his older sister think they know who,or what,is behind the slaughter, but can they convince their colourful Uncle Red,Gary Busey,to help them trap the suspect.A personal fave,this is the third great 80s werewolf movie that tends to be overshadowed by 'The Howling' and 'American Werewolf in London'. While it admittedly lacks those films groundbreaking…

  • Hokuriku Proxy War

    Hokuriku Proxy War


    Hiroki Matsukata plays a Yakuza in frozen Hokuriku determined to stand his ground against the encroachment of larger national syndicates! The last of Kinji Fukasaku's incredible run of 'ripped from the headlines' jitsuroku films. No Bunta Sugawara this time, but Hiroki Matsukata is a more than capable lead, his portrayal of a ferocious, uncompromising character is reminiscent of his similar role in 'Escaped Murderer from Hiroshima Prison'. Sonny Chiba has a minor role as one of the syndicate bosses, who…