Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★½

Plays like a special crossover episode of Euphoria and Knives Out with a sprinkle of Scream, that sounds hellish but it really works!!! It does feel a bit like a tarted up Netflix original teen movie with a lick of A24 paint but it works that super well!!!

Featuring the most insufferable cast of Gen Z/ Zillennial parallels (even worse than Do Revenge yes!!!) oh my god I winced at the argument about podcasts I hate privileged people!!! Thank God this movie (unlike Do Revenge) doesn’t try and give these awful cunts a happy ending <3

Also wild that this movie was as far as I can tell basically just lit entirely by phone cameras and glowsticks, DoP and lighting team respect to you!!!

Incredible fun watch, A24 have had an amazing year for not making pretentious bullshit omg!!! (ignore Men)

Soundtrack is amazing too, Charli XCX needle drop for the credits yess pls

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