It's a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life ★★★★★

'Twas the week before Christmas, when all though the house
Not a creature was stirring; just me and my mouse
The decorating done; all the lights hung with care
I fancied a Yule film, so rose from my chair

The choices were varied; all classics the lot
The pick must be perfect to start the onslaught
The Trouble With Angels; my sweetheart Miss Hayley?
Oh wait just a minute, it must be George Bailey!

I flew down the stairs; DVD disk in tow
And slotted the plate; turned the lights way down low
The screen it did light with the Liberty marquee
My heart all aflutter with pure Christmas glee

We start in the stars where we hear there is trouble
With one soul on earth who needs help on the double
What’s not needed now is someone with forbearance
Its kindness and heart, so the choice must be Clarence

We learn George’s traits; an adventurous kind
He wants travel; to build things; and else of high mind
He’s unsatisfied by the quaint Bedford Falls
But doesn’t blink twice when a need comes and calls

Time and again when his dreams are in grasp
The needs they come calling; their urgency clasp
George rises each time; though his heart it sinks lower
His friends have the fast life, while his; getting slower

Enter young Mary, with gleam in her eyes
Lets smitten bold George pull the moon from the sky
Need renders his honeymoon plans all in vain
But friends rally round; serenade in the rain

'Tis Potter, the weasel; a spidery man
Whose twisted ambition’s to thwart George's plan
Of fairness and friendship and working together
To give house and home, and to break Potters tether

A moment of pride; an unusual boast
Leads Billy’s diminutive attention to coast
This is just the thing that foul Potter quite needs
To nail the coffin of George's good deeds

Desponded and frantic is now George’s fettle
Not even a kiss or a soft Zuzu petal
Can keep George from thinking the only solution;
His own life insurance to be restitution

But Clarence is there; and just at the right time
(Secretly hoping a bell it will chime)
George, though, is headstrong; difficile to convince
It’s left now to Clarence; George's worth to evince

Then Clarence is struck; an idea to adorn
Show Bedford Falls had George never been born
George, he soon sees, through this alternate present
The life he has lead was in no way misspent

My heart bursts with joy and my eyes fill with tears
When I see that last scene; as I’ve done through the years
Just think this small thought when your soul’s filled with strife:
Happy Christmas to all, It’s a Wonderful Life

Inspired by my friend PTAbro

The original installment of Jonnie's Christmas Rhymes cycles of poetic debauchery.

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