Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk ★★★★½

Letterboxd does it again.

Bone Tomahawk wasn’t on either my or Lise’s radar ( read, pretty much nothing is ever on my radar, and Lise does all the work ). But, we both kept seeing big stars and glanced at fragments of superlatives scrolling through our Letterboxd feeds.

After a predictably less than electrifying Oscar run-up watch regiment, and a letdown with our biggest hope, Carol, we were hungry for a gem.

Well hot damn! While I could extoll the films virtues by comparing it to some of my favourite modern Westerns like The Unforgiven, 3:10 to Yuma, and The Proposition for its reserved and measured build up to action, I really relate it to how A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night and It Follows invigorated the Horror Genre.

Writer / Director S. Craig Zahler debut feature roars out of the gate with a level of accomplishment that reminded me Paddy Considine’s sophomore effort Tyrannosaur. These are two directors that are wise well beyond their experience, and completely understand pacing and characters.

And the cast! Well, if you think about it, ( I still haven’t seen Hateful Eight yet ), who could be a more badass sheriff than R. J. MacReady or Snake Plissken? Richard Jenkins is all but unrecognizable, but completely welcome as the devoted assistant Deputy, Patrick Wilson our hero with true western reserved hero type mettle is the moral compass and reason to believe. But the scene stealing star for me is Matthew Fox’s arrogant brooder … Brooder. He reminded me of Perfect Tommy in Buckaroo Banzai with a bit more twang.

Thank you Letterboxd. This will now be put up on the shelf next to Castaway on the Moon.

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