Annihilation ★★★★

A sci-fi slow burn of a film that I found very visually appealing and extremely thought provoking. It's final 15 minutes of the film alone just left me completely jaw dropped and I was just captivated by what was displayed on the screen. It's very psychedelic, very green, is very well directed, cinematography is great, and the performances I thought were fine, Natalie Portman being the stand out of course as she carries this film along. It also has one scene that involves a bear and it might just be the most terrifying and intense scene that I've seen in a film in quite a while. I also want to rewatch this one again soon because I feel like it just demands a second viewing. Overall, I enjoyed this one quite a bit, only flaws I have with it is that the first 20 minutes felt a bit off but as soon as the crew is put into the Shimmer, the film just takes off into a pretty darn good sci-fi flick.

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