The Little Things

The Little Things ★★


“Oh poop. I think I made a boo-boo.”

Oh come on.

I saw all the negative reviews but I still held out hope. I’ve enjoyed movies that were panned before, I thought this would be another one of those situations. Sadly it wasn’t and the first 2021 film I watched was the first and hopefully last disappointment of my yearly watchlist. This movie had me for the first two acts, and was hoping if it could just pull through with a satisfying ending, I may recommend this despite some major flaws but it doesn’t. The last half hour of this film is pretty much a let down in every way. It’s a mystery film until it just stops being one and forgets about its plot all together. 

I’m willing to bet money that there’s a deleted scene that very directly says who the killer is but was probably cut to have a more ambiguous and Sundance friendly ending. However the whole film is just too vague to really mean anything as a whole. Also the editing in this is really bad...

Shockingly bad, I might add.

Just cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. 

It’s like the Taken 3 fence scene for two hours.

Like the big interrogation scene from the trailer. It’s the three main leads all in the same room. Very important and tense but it is completely over-edited that it ruins all the suspense. Let one shot last more than three seconds! 

Denzel is one of the greats there’s no denying that but he seems so bored in this movie. He’s playing the same character he’s been playing for the past seven years. Rami Malek also seems really miscast in this role. The young hotshot detective with kids and an insanely hot wife; I didn’t buy it. Funny, Jared Leto as a creepy weirdo was well cast though. The long greasy hair and eyes that always seemed to be dilated. That character made the movie just a little more interesting. He had some weird lines though.

Overall, disappointing is the word that I’d best use to describe this. The story just feels very unsatisfactory with such slow buildup for two hours. I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s not insultingly bad, it’s just lacking anything memorable.

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