Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ★★★


Left the theater feeling very lukewarm about this. Nothing really hooked me from the get go. It had some cool choreography in this until it didn’t. Any cool fight scene in this film is in the first half of the film because the second half of the film quickly divulges into an over the top effects extravaganza and much like Black Widow’s third act, it just did not work for me. A sense of familiarity just washed over me for the whole film and other than choreography, nothing really stood out on a cinematic level. There’s scenes with bright colors and that was pretty cool.

I liked Simu Liu in this as the lead. He’s very charismatic and stuff. I like how in the beginning he’s putting on a fancy suit and then it cuts to him being just a valet. That’s some very save the cat! scriptwriting 101 stuff right there. Tony Leung was also good as the villain. Kind of a missed opportunity not to use the song California Dreamin at all though. The film even takes place in California and you have Tony Leung in your film, it was all right there. No pineapples we’re eaten either. Overall, I had an average viewing experience with this. Sure doesn’t need my approval though, it’s already made a kajillion dollars. An MCU movie that will get lost in the shuffle for me but passed the time on a Friday night.

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