C'mon C'mon

C'mon C'mon ★★★★


This is such an anti-movie. No big screaming blow-ups or overly dramatic moments. Which is why the Oscars will overlook this. It is such a subdued movie, so minimal in its execution fo the point that it’s not even in color. The film is shot so well though, which at times I feel goes against the film’s nature. At times just one too many shots of trees, feel like this could have been a little shorter than it was. Joaquin Phoenix is so good in this film with a heartfelt and soft performance. Along with Woody Norman as his nephew who is also great for being super young. Their relationship is just so good and if it isn’t then the whole movie flops. It is good and feels realistic and I believed it. Just all about generations and how adults can learn from kids. Overall, I recommend this film, it’s a very heartfelt and honest story.

If still not convinced.

It’s A24 so…

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